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If you or your co-parent filed for divorce or are seeking change in your child custody or visitation order within the state of Kansas and have been mandated or recommended to attend a divorce education class or divorce workshop please select the county your case has been filed:

DISCLAIMER: Online parent education classes are recognized within the state of Kansas by many family courts; however, if you are court ordered to take a divorce class or parenting class within the state of Kansas, it is recommended you verify approval of with your county court of record prior to taking an online parenting class. Each county within Kansas family courts along with individual judges may dictate specific requirements related to divorce education class requirements.

There are 105 counties within the state of Kansas. Online Co-Parenting / Divorce class is a recognized online divorce education option in 15 Kansas family courts.

Did You Know?

Kansas population: 2.935 million (2021)

Kansas has 105 counties, the sixth-highest total of any state. Every license plate issued by the state contains the abbreviation for the county in which its vehicle is registered. No Kansas county has two words in its name. Wyandotte County and the city of Kansas City operate as a unified government, and Greeley County and the city of Tribune are in the process of converting to a similar system.